My real name is Pamela .

But why Rabbit? 

I've always had a very strong connection to animals.

I admire how pure they are and how strong they can be in order to survive.

But my favorite animal is a Rabbit.

My friends started to call me Rabbit and I decided to stick with it.

Czech singer/dancer/writer.

Since the moment i was able to walk I started to dance.

It didn't take so much time and I wanted to start to sing and of course to perform on the stage.

Performing on the stage is my natural place to be... the place I can express myself and experience an infinite freedom.

I love art in any form but my biggest passion is music.

That‘s why, I’m currently studying a conservatory – to learn as much as possible about history of music while spending time with inspiring musicians and learn from them. 

Music is my the most loved thing ever, but one of the most important subjects for me persist also freedom for everyone, equality and acceptance.

My lyrics try to reflect this. They are based on my daily experience, my own life stories and stories of the other people I know. I’m trying there to celebrate possibility of living our lifes together, but also share our sadness and tears and have them as an therapy to overcome hard situations.

I believe that live is too short to play our own mind games especially with ourselves. 

Your inner saboteur is strong, but you have to be stronger.

                                                               - Pam Rabbit


I like to write just by myself especially when it comes to writing a song for somebody else, but i never say no to a good team work.​

I'm currently writing with a team from Berlin called Dinastyx .